Hammered Dulcimer Music

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Asheville, North Carolina-based National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, Joshua Messick, breathes new life into an ancient, enchanting instrument. Creativity flows with dynamic passion as he weaves progressive, cinematic stylings & modern techniques into traditional melodies, original compositions, & powerful improvisations. You will be inspired as Joshua plays World Fusion, New Acoustic, Classical, Folk, & Traditional Favorites. Joshua provides concerts, recordings, lessons, & wedding & event performances.

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  • Desire for Departure

    Desire for Departure

    Desire for Departure: A Hammered Dulcimer Journey
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    Carol of the Bells

    Hammered Dulcimer Christmas
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    Honest: Songs of Hope
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    Instruments with Voices

    The Entrance of Sound

Hammered Dulcimer Music